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Legal Project Management: Thoughts, tips, and discoveries related to the management of legal projects.

About the Logo

legalmanagement_Logo.jpg I launched this blog to publish information on project management that is targeted to lawyers, paralegals, and litigation support professionals. My goal is that the opinions, tips, and links shared on this blog will help generate much-needed discussion on the role of project management in law firms, corporate legal departments, and the vendors who service them.

The logo created for this blog combines the most recognized symbols from each discipline. The image of scales are an ancient symbol of fairness and justice, and are instantly recognized around the world as representing the Law. Similarly, anyone who has studied project management is familiar with the "iron triangle" of project management. It symbolizes the project manager's efforts to balance time, cost, and quality.  

This logo reminds lawyers that time, cost, and quality are things that can and should be measured and managed in legal projects as in any other project. At the same time, it strongly suggests that legal projects are special and set apart from projects in other disciplines. Many project management educators treat the empty space within the project triangle as the project "scope." In legal projects, no discussion of scope is complete without an understanding that legal projects must ultimately promote and support a system of justice. Any project that actively frustrates justice and the efforts of judicial institutions is a failed project, regardless of whether or not it was completed on time, within the budget, and satisfied the customer. 

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