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What's New? Round 2 for this LPM blog

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Happy Friday!

With this post, I am writing to announce the re-launch of this blog. Paul Easton, the blog's fearless leader, has graciously allowed me to resurrect it with new content related to legal project management, legal pricing and process improvement, as well as commentary on the state and future of law.

I am grateful for the opportunity to revive this well-established blog, especially because much of the 2012 content is still relvant today, such as LPM versus process improvement. That said, the industry and pace of change is moving fast, and I am thrilled to have a platform for dialogue and commentary related to the new business of law. My effort over the next several weeks will be to update the primary content of LPM resources and certification options while also posting new blog content.

I encourage you to comment, share and like or disagree freely on the blog, as I have quickly learned there is not "one way" forward in the LPM and "New Law" world. If you are interested in guest blogging or contributing as a regular blogger, please reach out for more information. The long-term vision for this blog is a space where legal project management, pricing, innovation and other legal professionals can collaborate and share ideas.

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