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Legal Project Management: Thoughts, tips, and discoveries related to the management of legal projects.

OLP Offers Three-Week LPM Course by Steven Levy

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The Organization of Legal Professionals is offering a three-week, on-line course on legal-project management in October, taught by Steven Levy. If you sign-up within the next two days, you can still take advantage of the early-bird registration rate.

Title: "Legal Project Management: Control Costs, Meet Schedules, Manage Risks" 

Format/Location: Live, on-line course. .

Cost: Cost. 

  • Regular Tuition: $549.00

  • Early Bird Registration (Offer good until September 8, 2011): $389.00 members; $425.00 non-members (includes one year free OLP membership)

Organizations: Organization of Legal Professionals

Description (copied from OLP's Web site):

Learn Legal Project Management from the guy who wrote the book! Steven B. Levy set the stage two years ago with his groundbreaking book Legal Project Management: Control Costs, Meet Schedules, Manage Risks, and Maintain Sanity.

His approach to the subject draws on the innate and learned skills of legal professionals to help them better manage their projects rather than trying to teach them in a few weeks how to be full-time project managers. In this course, he'll share the secrets of project management success based on his 35 years of managing project and leading businesses on three continents.

You'll learn what's different about Legal Project Management, the importance of seemingly simple tasks such as defining "Done" and negotiating success criteria, how to give and receive assignments effectively, and much more. Most importantly, you'll come to understand the subtle but learnable leadership skills that are the hidden key to project success.

Among the areas covered are:

  • Introduction to Legal Project Management
  • Assessing and Managing Project Risks
  • Project Management for Non-Project-Managers
  • Legalnomics: The Economics of Projects, Risk, and Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • The Third SigmaTM - Lean Six Sigma for Legal
  • Understanding Project Trade-offs: The Key to Successful Projects
  • Building Associate Profitability
  • Delegating Effectively -- The Path to Efficiency
  • Practical Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Start Managing Your Legal Projects


Steven Levy

Credits & Accreditation: N/A


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