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Projects That Have Been Keeping Me From Writing About Projects

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I realize a few weeks have gone by with no posts here. Besides the normal rush and pressures of client projects, there have been a number of other work and personal projects that have put this blog, and my social media activities in general, on hold. 

  • First, I've been busy helping to launch AbsoluteProof® WebSeal,™ a Web-evidence collection, integrity preservation, and authenticity service, designed to support the increase in Web-related litigation and investigation activities. AbsoluteProof WebSeal is powered by AbsoluteProof, Surety's patented, digital timestamping methodology, and is delivered to the market as a litigation-support managed service by Global Colleague.

  • I co-authored an article on collecting Web-based evidence with Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety LLC for the upcoming issue of OLP Update, the monthly publication of the Organization of Legal Professionals. The next issue should be coming out any day now. I'll be sure to post a link to it when it is available.

  • I'm finishing up another article on implementing ESI archive systems for the Technolawyer Community, which I'm co-authoring with Allen Gurney, Director of Professional Services, E-discovery at Capax Global. Technolawyer is currently building a trackable link technology that will allow readers to vote on whether they found an article useful. As an author I'm both excited and trepidatious about this. This will be the first time I've published something in a magazine or newsletter that readers could rate. I'll post the results and my thoughts about the process after the article is published and the votes are in. 

  • I co-taught a session for the OLP's course on Project Management for Litigation Support Professionals. My co-presenter was Cathy Duplissa-Lopez, Project Manager of Electronic Data - Ediscovery at Fennemore Craig, and we discussed using project management to better manage legal teams and building a project-management framework in a legal or legal-support organization. It was my first time using the Wimba distance-learning system, but I was able to get through it without too many tech issues. I did, however, have to convert my Prezi presentations to a less-dynamic deck of slides the day before, after my test run in Wimba showed that Prezi presentations didn't perform well over Web conferencing/screen sharing. My thoughts and experiences with Prezi are a topic for another post.

  • For the same course, I took part in a panel discussion with Steven Levy, Cathy Duplissa-Lopez, and Caroline Sweeney, Director, Practice Group Technology Services, Dorsey & Whitney LLP on the Top Ten Strategies Dealing with Changes and Triggering Events During the Life of a Civil Case.

It has been a fun, but hectic few weeks. It has been a pleasure to work with a number of e-discovery and project management experts and with two of my favorite organizations. While I've neglected this blog during this period, I have come away with a great number of ideas for future posts. I hope to start on some of them this weekend. 

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I recently had the pleasure of co-authoring an article with Allen Gurney, the Director of Professional Service, eDiscovery for Capax Global. The article is entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Implementing an E-mail Archive System and was origin... Read More

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