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LPM Invisible to Wolfram Alpha

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While the LPM content on Qwiki may not be the most in depth, at least they have something and it only went live a few days ago. Wolfram Alpha, on the other hand, turns up nothing, providing "project management" as the closest interpretation. Fair enough and the results give you some general employment statistics for the project-management occupation in the United States, but it is disappointing that it interprets "project management" as "construction management", so I'm not sure how applicable the stats are to legal-project managers or project managers in other industries. 

Even more disappointing was that when you change the Wolfram-Alpha assumption from "occupation" to "business practice topic" you get nothing:
Thumbnail image for Wolfram Alpha PM.PNG So Wolfram-Alpha is also not a Google killer. At least when it comes to legal-(or any)project management.

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