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Law Firm PM Watch: Seyfarth Shaw's Six Sigma program highlighted in the ABA Journal

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Seyfarth Shaw's Six Sigma program, "Seyfarth Lean", has been getting a lot of press recently. Following on a mention in BusinessWeek, the law firm's Six Sigma program was highlighted in a recent article in the ABA Journal.  Debra Cassens Weiss, Seyfarth Shaw Says Six Sigma Method Has Cut Client Fees by Up to 50%ABA Journal, Law News Now, Sept. 14, 2009, at URL.

I've written about Seyfarth Shaw's adaption of Lean Six Sigma principles to their legal work in the past and Lisa Damon, Managing Partner at the Seyfarth Shaw's Boston office, was kind enough to take the time to provide more information on Seyfarth Lean with LPM's readers.

While Seyfarth Shaw isn't the only firm looking at ways to adapt Lean Six Sigma to legal work (e.g., see my post on Morris James LLP), it certainly does more than any other firm that I know of to advertise the fact. In this regard it is a trailblazer and is doing much to raise awareness of the role that project management and process improvement methodologies can play in legal work.

For more posts on the legal industries furtive embrace of Six Sigma, click HERE.

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