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Another Agile Project Management Blawg

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Yesterday, I introduced The Rosetta Brief, authored by  by Regina Mullen, CEO of a company called Dialexia, which is a founding partner of the Agile Lawyers Association. I failed to note, however, that the Agile Lawyers Association has its own blawg, titled: Raising The Bar "Iteratively!"  The posts do not include the author name(s), but I assume that Ms Mullen is currently writing most of the content.

In addition to posting updates to events and developments related to the Association, the blog also posts about Agile-related topics and applies them to the practice of law.  The Agile Lawyers Association is still in an early stage of development, but I find their mission to bring Agile Project Management to law firms and legal departments interesting and I decided to sign up as a member. I can't argue about the membership fee, which is free for now. The Web site, however, is rather half-baked at this time and there are no instructions on how to sign up. Also, given that the "current members" count is showing "0", I may be the first member (although I'd think that at least Regina Mullen would be a member, no?)

The Association is on Twitter (@ALASSN) so I requested more information by Tweet. I'll be sure to report back my thoughts about the Agile Lawyers Association and what is has to offer, once I've figured out how join it.

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